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"You can be successful on paper, get all the good grades, do all the "right things," you can get the (perfect) job and still feel like you're living somebody else's life." 

In this first edition of "Chats with Big Thinker" we interview Mariela De La Mora, Life & Business Coach for daughters of immigrants and first gen who are working towards unlearning conditioning that's holding them back from stepping into the thought leaders they really are. 

Life & Business Coach

Chats with big thinkers 


There are three elements that we look at when assessing whether a brand is a “Good Human-Centered Brand.” Is it packed with personality, does their values serve as a decision making guide, and is the business as a whole driven by impact. In this first edition of Good Brand Making Bold Moves we dissect the brand Alltrue

A Case Study: AllTrue 

Good brands making bold moves

When it comes to being a value driven brand, it is so much more than a couple of words, or sentences on your homepage. Here is how we incorporate our values into all that we do. 

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