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Where you are seen as your brand’s greatest assets. 

Your values, beliefs, and personality make up everything that makes your brand special and worth caring about. When you incorporate these elements into your business, your audience connects with you beyond your service. They become advocates for you not just because of what you have to offer, but rather because they believe in the same things you do and they feel seen, heard, and understood

It all begins with Human-Centered Strategy

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The Brand Guide Workshop is a 90 minute session made with the intention to offer clarity and guidance on how to move forward in your business in a way that feels easy, fun, and supportive.  

We’ll take a deep dive into what is currently working and not working in your business, as well as uncover all the possibilities and opportunities your brand can take in order to create an action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be

Afterwards, if you would like to continue working together, the investment from the Brand Guide Workshop will be applied to any of the packages below. 

Brand Guide Workshop

It all begins here


Your business should feel like an easy place for you to exist, grow, and flourish. 

Our process begins with a two day workshop where we explore how you, your mission, and your values live and thrive within your business. We’ll then dive into your target audience, competitors, and positioning to uncover how to communicate your brand confidently to the right people and serve them in a way no one else can. 

We then move forward to create a full experience that illustrates your unique message and attracts your people. The goal is to create something that feels and looks authentically and unapologetically you. 

Investment ranges from $3,000-10,000 based on scope and project needs.

The Human-Centered Experience



The Process


After your Client Application has been submitted, we'll schedule a virtual disco call to get to know each other. The goal of the call is to learn more about you, your desired outcomes, and most importantly to see if we could actually go disco-ing together. 

The Disco Call

Step one


Once the contract signed and deposit made — we’ll kick off a full Brand Audit of your business as is. It is important that we have a clear idea of where you are, where you’ve been, and what has and hasn’t worked for you so that we can make more aligned decisions moving forward. 

The Deep Dive

Step TWO


In this two day four hour workshop to get to know the human behind the brand (you). Together, we will explore your why, your purpose, your values, and beliefs and how it all influences the way you show up and serve your clients. By doing this we ensure that your business is a sustainable place for you to exist and embrace growth at your own pace.

Human-Centered Strategy



Whether it is just a new brand identity or a full ecosystem, we'll create a visual identity that delights your audience at every touchpoint. Using the strategy as a guide we develop a brand that makes a lasting impact and people fall in love with proudly

The Wowing



Time to show everyone what you’re made of. 

Win Over Hearts & Make An Impact


“ I hope you do sit with how profound it is for me to have [previously] worked witha multi million dollar firm that has all thetools and they missed the mark. You have a gift and I am so thankful to you.” 

LOVE NOTES FROM Erin mcclarty

You have Questions?
We might have answers

I am looking for something else, do you offer custom packages?

Absolutely!  Please fill out the Client Application with details about what you are looking for.  All of our packages are completely customizable based on your brands needs, budget, and desired outcomes. However, we do require that all of our clients start with human-centered strategy. 

Wait, do I really have to start with strategy?

Yes, in order to do what we do best -- craft brands that stand out in the market, attract your people, and align with you, your values, and your goals -- we require all clients to go through this workshop. 

The workshop allows us to evaluate what is currently working in your business (and what isn't) and explore different avenues to help you achieve the desired goal. Branding goes beyond pretty design, it should also be intentional and do the heavy lifting of selling without you having to say a word -- brand strategy help with that. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Of course! We completely understand that branding is a huge investment. After an initial 30% deposit has been made, payments can be split into 2/3/4 monthly payments. 

What makes Santos & Co different from other brand studios? 

At Santos & Co we infuse humanity in all that we do. It's important that the brands we help create feel like a full expression of who you are, what you believe in, and are infused with your great a*s personality. Through collaboration, human-centered strategy, and bold design we craft brands that people are proud to love. 

Truthfully, you can find design anywhere. But if you are looking for someone who believes in you, your brand, and works hard towards helping you get the attention and growth you deserve, then I am your person. 

I have more questions

We have more answers! We offer free 30 minute disco calls to answer any questions you may have (disco-ing isn't necessary). If your questions are project specific please fill out the Client Application and we'll reach out within 48 hours. For general question please email us at emily@santosandco.net

Okay i'm sold, how soon can we get started? 

This depends on the project scope and our currently availability We only work with a couple of client at a time to give everyone our full attention. Please fill out the Client Application to start the process and secure your spot in our calendar. Can't wait to hear from you!


During our time together, my hope is to not only bring your clarity, ease, and support in your brand strategy, but for you to feel more at home in your business and life.

Are you ready?