Astor & Orion creates ethical jewelry designed to be endlessly recycled or composted to regenerate the earth. Their mission is to begins with a desire to make the world a better place and create a fair future for us all.  

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The Challenge 

In a space where all sustainable brands tends to look and feel the same, Astor & Orion came to in search for more. The challenge was differentiation, without steering off too much from the typical "sustainable brand" aesthetic. This means taking inspiration from natures natural occurrences, but adding our own twist.

Astor & Astor & Orion's jewelry isn't like any other on the market, and they wanted brand identity and messaging that illustrated their uniqueness to the right people and that could be used through all brand touchpoints from website, to ads, to print and digital assets. 

The Goal

Astor & Orion exists for the woman who is so confident in who she is, that she isn’t afraid to push boundaries. She feels most like herself when she is standing out in the boring world. She is positive about who she is and what her role is in the world and how she plans to leave the world a better place.

Astor & Orion's jewelry allows her to fully express herself without losing essense of who she is by providing unique and meaningful jewelry that embodies style, ethics, and quality ... oh, and is anything but ordinary. 

The Strategy 

The vision for the brand can be described as "refined with a splash of punk."

 Astor & Orion jewelry has been described by their clients as "understated, edgy, unique, whimsical, eclectic"  and while we could have went full punk, it was important to Karen (the owner) that Astor & Orion look like it still belonged in the "sustainable brand" space. The vision was inspired by something that often stands out in a boring world, that grows and flourish in the wild without any help. That pushes through the cracks and brings color and life to a space. 

"A Wildflower in a Well Tamed Garden" 

The Vision

The primary font used in the brand's logo and assets is Roslindale . This Serif font was inspired by 19 century wood types. It has sharp and stubby serifs and according to its creator “it begins to flirt with the slickness of 1970s.

While this font has a lot going on (sharpness, its stubbyness, elegance), its subtle. To us this was a no brainer, it is a true embodiment of refined punk. 


Inspired by wildflowers, and the Solar Punk Manifesto's idea of “merging the practical with the beautiful, the well-designed 
with the green and lush, the bright and colorful with the 
earthy and solid.” The contrasting colors embrace nature as it happens, appealing to the client's desire to stand out in a boring world. 

Brand Colors 

Our  booth looked great with the new logo as a banner and on my earring cards. I got so many compliments on the quality of my display. Our December 2021 sales were 270% higher compared to December 2020 and I am really ready to scale this business on both the direct to consumer and whole sides. I am honestly so grateful for the whole experience. 

"I am honestly so grateful for the whole experience"




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