Keep On Growing is a wellness box service offering a wide range of inclusive products to enhance the self love experience.  The brand is also an educational hub for everyone to learn about self care beyond its materialistic forms. 

About The Brand

Strategy & bold af design  • MERCHANDISE 

Keep On Growing 


Their Core Values

Using the strategy as a guide, we needed KOG's brand identity to look and feel bold, fun, inclusive, and strong.  The brand needed to truly embody the idea that KOG is for everyone. We did this through a mixture of organic and geometric shapes and heavy color blocking. 

The Vision

The strategy centers around the idea that Keep On Growing was made to "enhance the self care experience through curated self-love kits made for all personalities."

The most important discovery we made was that KOG's clients are busy individuals in caregiving professions -- with this in mind we knew we has to build an experience for them that they could indulge in without altering their routines. 

The Strategy

Jianna, the owner of Keep On Growing, came to Santos & Co in hopes to create a cohesive and memorable look, feel, and experience for all of their clients. The impact we wanted to achieve was to stand out in a saturated market and change the way the industry views the self care space. 

The Goal 

Keep On Growing didn't want to be just another wellness box. They noticed that most boxes in the market catered specifically to women and that a lot of their messaging spoke about self care as a thing to indulge in for a special occasion, not a necessity. With this in mind, during the strategy and design our controlling idea was to create an inclusive brand that encourages individuals to take care of themselves in small ways everyday. 

The Challenge

As part of the rebrand, KOG also wanted to be able to provide their clients with merchandise to add to their orders. We created four illustrations to embody the brands main idea of "self care for all personalities." 

Left to right: "The Unapologetic," "The Caregiver," "The Self-Care Enthusiast," and  lastly Audre Lorde, a Black civil rights activist, writer and feminist who shaped the notion of self-care and its importance. 



I could not have asked to work with someone better! I loved everything about working together, your personality, the amount of time and effort you put into making sure everything is perfect and the final product! I hope to keep working together, you wont be getting rid of me anytime soon haha.

"Before working together I felt all over the place with my brand. I knew what I wanted it to be I just couldn't figure out how to get there" 



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